The WTO goes against Trump: the duties imposed against China are “incoherent”

The WTO goes against Trump: the duties imposed against China are “incoherent”

The WTO speaks up. The duties imposed against China are “incoherent” with the regulations set by the World Trade Organization. The statement casts a shadow on the tariffs imposed by the US in 2018 against Chinese imported goods. These are the tariffs that started the trade war between the two nations.

Duties against China

US duties cover goods for more than 500 billion USD. While Chinese representatives welcomed the news, according to the BBC, the United States stated that the decision made by the WTO proves that the organization is “completely inadequate” to stop the damaging tech practices implemented by China. The US claim that “they should be allowed to defend themselves” from unfair trade practices. Washington, writes Bloomberg, can still impose a veto on the WTO’s decision, by presenting an appeal within 60 days. But the country has blocked the nomination of the judges in question, and so there aren’t the basis to reach the minimum number of them, necessary for the practice.

The opinion

The WTO’s group that formulate the opinion is formed by three experts that examined the measures taken by the USA. They have not accounted for China’s retaliation, which the former had disputed. Noting “commercial global tension like never before”, the WTO encouraged the two sides to resolve the controversy.

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