UNIC – Italian Tanneries takes patronage action to finance the restoration of “Giuditta”, by Nicolas Régnier

“Giuditta”, by Nicolas Régnier, regains its ancient splendour thanks to UNIC – Italian Tanneries. During the press conference to present Lineapelle 95th edition, held last Monday at Milan Stock Exchange, President Gianni Russo talked about the participation of UNIC in the “Disclosures – Finance for Fine Arts” project, promoted by Borsa Italiana (Italy’s Stock Exchange). The painting, “Giuditta”, was brought to the Gallery of Venice Academy in 1838, after Contarini’s bequest. Most commentators always considered the Flemish artist to be the author of the work, which dates back to his late years, in the middle of the seventeenth century. Giuditta, a biblical leading lady, is portrayed immediately after her beheading Oloferne, an Assyrian general who had laid siege to the city of Betulia. The restoration, financially supported by UNIC, gave back full functionality to the work support: they took off the covering canvas and implemented some perimeter bands for its tensioning. After removing dusts and air particles out of the painting surface, they carried out the usual operations: cleaning the painting film, plastering the gaps and reintegrating them through a distinguishable technique. Ultimately, they applied a painting layer to protect the portrait and bring back its proper light refractive index. The art work will be placed on display at BIG (Borsa Italiana Gallery), an exhibition space located inside Palazzo Mezzanotte, Milan.



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