Conceria M2 first obtains certification of Raw Hides and Skins Traceability for splits

ICEC, the Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector, on an international scale, provided Conceria M2 with the Certification of Traceability of Raw Hides and Skins. The company, headquartered in Santa Croce sull’ Arno, specialized in finished materials for leather, is the first one to certify bovine splits: such leather, which derives from the splitting of tanning raw material, turns out to be particularly challenging when it comes to trace and track it from slaughterhouses to tanneries. “We decided to apply for ICEC certification because clients believe that transparency on the origin of materials is now as valuable as supply quality”, points out Luca Masoni, from M2 tannery. Our commitment to traceability requires an additional effort of course: “It is not easy: in our company we have hired, for a year or so, a dedicated resource, who also deals with chemical suppliers”, adds Masoni. Yet, we need such effort, as a matter of fact: “Until a few years ago we were just up to manufacturing – wraps up the Tuscan manager –: today we need something more. Although we are still artisans of leather, we must provide our client, either a big or a small brand, with a wider range of services”. ICEC issued the Certification of Traceability of Raw Hides and Skins (CERT-014A-2018-TRACEABILITY) according to specific ICEC_TS_SC410 technique, in compliance with ICEC TR01 regulation.


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