UNIC to support Orthopascha, a leather manuscript that dates back to 1500

UNIC restaura l'Orthopascha

We are talking about the Orthopascha, an ancient manuscript that enshrines about five centuries of history. The essay was directed at Pope Julius II (1503-1513) to convince him to implement the reform of Julian calendar. The book, embellished with miniatures and decorations, mostly made of parchment and leather, needs immediate restoration. That is why UNIC-Italian Tanneries decided to support the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana (Marciana National Library), Venice, and their project to restore the so-called Orthopascha manuscript. Time and wear, along with attacks by moths and insects, have been damaging the book, which consists of 21 paper sheets.

The history of the Orthopascha

The current location of the Orthopascha manuscript is the Biblioteca Marciana (Marciana Library), Venice, Italy. The book contains a Latin dissertation, written, in 1508, by humanist Pellegrino Prisciani, from Ferrara. After several handovers, it has ultimately arrived here from the library of Venetian Tommaso Giannotti Rangoni (1493-1577).


We are talking about a “membranous” codex, made of parchment. We can still see its original leather cover on laminated cardboard square panels. The book is currently in precarious condition: in fact, in the manuscript there are a few wormholes, owing to attacks by insects and moths; on top of that, bindings are loose and cover is worm-eaten. The Marciana library has already set an intervention project. Thanks to UNIC-Italian Tanneries, and their valuable support, they will manage to save the manuscript and safeguard its preservation.

Pictures taken from artbonus.gov.it


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