Nigerian government to invest in leather while setting incentives to revamp tanning industry and create one million jobs

The leather tanning industry may create over one million jobs and may therefore become the second source of revenue in the country. In Nigeria, they do believe it: during the second edition of the local Leather Fair, which took place in Lagos, experts and professionals explored opportunities for development and innovation in the industry. Over 50 exhibitors participated in the event, attending training courses throughout the fair and visiting footwear and accessories exhibitions. Yet the core of the event was the conference to discuss the future of Nigerian leather: Adewale Bakare, a representative of the Ministry of Industry, and Olayinka Oladunjoye, Trade and Industry Commissioner, joined the meeting. The government’s representatives presented a set of projects and actions, backed up by entrepreneurs and manufacturers, to revamp Nigerian leather tanning business. The aim is to turn it into the second source of revenue in the country, after oil and gas export. In doing so, they might create one million jobs for workers, some of whom directly employed in tanneries, and others involved in the general business.



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