Unlawful operations in Savar? Bengal-based CEPT accused of wrongdoing

Irregolarità a Savar? Sotto accusa i lavori per il CEPT bengalese

Unlawful operations in Savar? Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation, has opened an investigation for the contruction work of Savar’s CEPT. Local newspapers report that the association’s office, similar to a Chamber of Commerce, received numerous complaints and alleged wrongdoing reports. Specifically, the complaints made are against JLEPCL-DLC’s joint venture’s activities. The latter is the Chinese contractor that has won the bid to build the CEPT.

Non-compliant materials

The alleged irregularities in Savar were denounced by the workers themselves. Some of them are, in fact, part of the same group that had offered to complete construction and later manage the site. The offer was made out of necessity, as Savar’s businesses waited for the CEPT site to be ready for a few months, but construction wasn’t completed. Supposedly, according to the complaints, the materials being used are non-compliant with the agreed upon terms of the contract. For example, the Chinese contractor is installing 18-inch wide tubes instead of the agreed-upon 38-inch tubes. “We must verify the reliability of the complaints”, commented the vice-secretary to the Industry Ministry, Abdul Halim.

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