US Bradington-Young to provide more information about leather: “Clients ignore what spoils it, though they believe it’s bulletproof”

“Our research studies made us aware of the fact that many customers believe that leather, since it is a luxury material, is bulletproof. It is not like that though”. Cheryl Sigmon, sales and marketing manager of Bradington-Young, illustrates the reasons that urged the furniture manufacturer to carry out new initiatives in the US market. Starting from February 15, products will be provided with new labels and explanatory brochures, along with a safety kit which is available on request, free of charge, on the website. Additional explicative details are about exposure to the sun, humidity, sweat and oil for leather. “Hair dyestuff, as well as disinfectants for hands – pointed out Sigmon, as reported by press – are some of the products, of everyday usage, which may spoil leather surface. Microscopical particles are going to damage sofas unless they are removed on a regular basis. Such simple examples encouraged us to work more actively to persuade consumers about the importance of taking care of their sofa”. Craig Young, president of the company, headquartered in North Carolina, also announced the implementation of a program to tell customers what leather they should choose for their sofa, which might vary if children or pets live in the apartment. Bradington-Young, founded in 1978, supply 250 samples of leather: high-end ones come from Italy. Their factory, located in Hickory, currently employs 200 blue collars.


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