USA: farewell to branding on raw leather. In 2016, 74.3% of slaughtered cattle had no mark

In 2016, 74.3% of the slaughtered animals in the USA did not have markings while the remaining 26.7% carried the mark in the rear or tail zone as preferred by the skin area operators. It is supported by the Beef Quality Assurance report, a government project that analyses US livestock farming since 1991. The study provides interesting data on the historical trend of markings. From 2011 to today the share of unmarked animals has gone from 55.2% to 74.3%. In the same period, specimens with more than one marking dropped from 9.9% to 1.6% today. About the location of the brands, the number of branded animals on the hips has risen from 14% in 1991 to 6% in 2016. Stephen Sothmann, president of USHSLA (the American Garrison Association), welcomes the results, which “testify effort of the US meat industry because their work is excellent for operators throughout the industry.” The presence or absence of markings affects the value of raw leather, recalls USHSLA. The one with the mark on the back is worth $ 1-2 less than the one it does not have, while the price of those with the mark on the sides loses $ 10 to $ 12. Marking, moreover, has a bearing on the quality of the finished material produced by the USA tanneries.


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