Mavette, conquering the States with ICEC certified leathers

Mavette, conquering the States with ICEC certified leathers

Made in Italy conquering the States. In 2019, Cassie Fossum launched her own footwear brand: Mavette. The company is based in Philadelphia, but the shoes it offers are handmade in Italy. Their strength lies in comfort, designed by the stylist together with some experts. An aspect that, with the pandemic, has acquired even greater importance, but which Fossum has combined with another important objective: sustainability. In fact, all the leathers she uses have also obtained the ICEC certification.

The Mavette project

Fossum started thinking about his project in 2018, with the aim of creating beautiful, elegant but also comfortable women’s shoes. “The more time I spent getting to know shoes, the more excited I was to create something beautiful that would help women feel good,” she explains to In 2019, she made her dream come true by launching the brand Mavette through which she offers various models, from sandals and boots to ballet flats and high heels, with prices ranging from 250 to 600 dollars.

Conquering the States

“Each Mavette shoe is handmade in Italy, where craftsmen with an experience they have refined over the years make the most beautiful shoes in the world” explains the company. We only use ethically sourced genuine leather and suede. Among the challenges of today, is that of addressing the change in consumer habits due to Covid. Which consumers, having fewer opportunities for conviviality and sociability, have begun to buy models with lower heels.

Attention to detail

Fossum has also set up two other projects, based on sustainability. The first relates to leather’s supply, the second to packaging. “We use high quality and durable materials from ethical suppliers, aware of the use of water, carbon emissions and waste – says the company -. The leathers we use are a by-product of food production, that would otherwise be treated as waste. And as we continually try to do better, our packaging is now 100% recyclable, with the elimination of non-recyclable plastics going on”. The leathers, in particular, come from tanneries that have obtained the ICEC certification and are part of the LWG ranking.

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