Valentino Garavani and Mario Valentino make peace (but not quite)

Valentino Garavani and Mario Valentino make peace (but not quite)

Valentino Garavani and Mario Valentino have made peace. Yet, they have not definitively defused the casus belli. The two brands have agreed to settle the legal battle that started in the United States in 2019. But the terms of use of the “Valentino” trademark on leather goods, agreed upon in 1979, still represent a minefield. There are currently more than ten lawsuits (including arbitrations) between the two quasi-homonymous contenders in Italy alone.

The agreement

Last June 14, Valentino Garavani and Mario Valentino notified the California federal court that they had reached a settlement, thus resolving the litigation that began in July 2019, when Valentino Garavani sued Mario Valentino, accusing him of (along with the national licensee) equivocally exploiting Valentino’s brand reputation in the U.S. handbag market. In doing so, according to the other side, Mario Valentino broke the “non-belligerence” agreement signed by the parties in 1979. The Campania-based Mario Valentino company not only defended itself but went on the counterattack: the claim made is that it had been in business since before the competitor. The focus was placed on its incorrect identification of the logo on the bags (Valentino instead of Valentino Garavani in full).

It does not end here

After five years, an agreement has been reached to end this proceeding. But the settlement isn’t enough to stop more instances from arising, says specialized website The Fashion Law. The news portal reports that there are currently more than ten cases in Italy (including arbitrations) awaiting resolution. The latter also notes how the limits imposed by the 1979 coexistence agreement affect the way Valentino operates in the leather goods market, which could have negative repercussions when evaluating the brand.

Photos from the socials of Valentino Garavani (left) and Mario Valentino (right)

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