Brazil, Curtume Minuano hit by flooding

Brazil, Curtume Minuano hit by flooding

Damaged machinery, stocks of hides covered in sludge, flooded halls. There is also Curtume Minuano among the victims of the flood that hit the area of Lindolfo Collor, a municipality in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande Do Sul. This company, as reported by the local press, is close to the bank of the Arroio Feitora river, which flooded as a result of heavy rain on 16-17 June.

The worst flooding in history

The final toll is not yet known, but hundreds of homes and infrastructure have been damaged by what is described as the “biggest flood in history” in Lindolfo Collor. Similarly, the amount of damage suffered by Curtume Minuano is not known. This is a tanning group that carries out all stages of leather processing in-house, from beamhouse to finishing operation. And it has a particular penchant for the production of designer leather. There were no injuries among the workers on the night shift, when the company was flooded by water and mud, and the company suspended operations for a few days.

The gradual return to normality

As reported in the local press, until 19 June, workers at Lindolfo Collor’s tannery worked to free the halls from water and mud. The group announced the resumption of activities on 20 June. “We are working tirelessly to repair the damage and get back to business as quickly as possible,” they write from Curtume Minuano. “Our team is strong and prepared to face the challenges to come. The group expresses its solidarity with the affected people, we remain united trusting that all will be well”.

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