Waste processing keeps working in Santa Croce: “Plants will be open in August”

Santa Croce, depurazione operativa: “Impianti aperti ad agosto”

In the leather-tanning district of Santa Croce sull’ Arno treatment plants are running at full speed. Waste processing, operations and customer service, supplied to companies, do not stop. While issuing an official press release, l’Associazione Conciatori (the tanners’ association) of the Tuscan municipality made a public statement about it at the end of a web meeting held yesterday (Wednesday, March 11). That was a distance-meeting, open to their associates, “to share common guidelines to comply with in the health emergency situation, currently underway”. As an extraordinary exception, they are planning to carry on with activities throughout August as well.

Plants will be running in August too

“Aiming to face and tackle properly the exceptional events, which are going on at present, consortium factories and treatment plants will keep running throughout August as well”. Associazione Conciatori (the tanners’ association) made it clear, once again: they are not going to shut down their services, as pointed out by President Maila Famiglietti. “Consortium plants keep running at full speed”. They will of course “comply with all law regulations currently in force, while playing, at the same time, in a continuously changing scenario”. Should authorities issue new rules and guidelines, we shall act accordingly”. Likewise, association services are still working as they “keep in touch, on a regular basis, with municipality and region councils, as well as with all social parties”.


They decided not to suspend any consortium activities “aiming to give all companies the opportunity to carry on with their activity”. On top of that, Associazione Conciatori (the tanners’ association) advised their associates “to go along exclusively with the official guidelines issued by government authorities. Such rules will go hand in hand with the ones progressively provided by the Association, which will inform tanneries about the code of conduct they have to abide by during the current emergency situation”.

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