Pakistan, tanning wants to restart: raw hides’ emergency 

Pakistan, la concia vuole ripartire: c'è un'emergenza pelli grezze

Tanning wants to restart, even during the Coronavirus storm. There is a reciprocal need: Pakistan needs its tanneries to re-open to avoid a deeper crisis. Pakistan Tanners Association’s (PTA) president for the western area, Sheikh Fazlur Rehman. On April 2nd, Fazlur Rehman, asked authorities to allow tanneries to open back up. Slaughterhouses are accumulating raw hides and some of them are rotting. The concern is that this new dynamic will bring additional health emergencies.

Tanneries want to restart

PTA is pushing the government to adopt the necessary measures to reopen tanneries and leather goods’ manufacturers so that they may work once more. This way, hides would be tanned instead of rotting. On one hand, it would limit additional health risks and safeguard the precious material that “feeds the most important industry of the country”, a explained by Fazalur Rehman to

Bills have been paused

Another push came from the PTA’s national president, Sheikh Afzal Hussain. The entrepreneur has alsked energy companies to delay the payment dates for energy bills already sent to businesses. The heath emergency is stopping the companies from working, and thus generate revenue. Afzal Hussain believes this delay need to be at least for a month.  

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