After the fire, Tyson slaughterhouse in Kansas is ready to start again

Dopo l’incendio, il macello Tyson in Kansas è pronto a ripartire

After the fire, slaughterhouse Tyson Fresh Meats is ready to return to business. Work on the reconstruction of the Holcomb plant in Kansas, half-destroyed by flames, is proceeding at a fast pace. So, according to forecasts, they should be completed in the upcoming weeks.

The fire

At the beginning of August, a large-scale fire had partially damaged Tyson slaughterhouse in Holcomb. The damage, however, was concentrated in a strategic part of the plant. In other words, the one where the hydraulic and electrical systems needed to run the production line and the storage warehouses were located.

Between December and January

Right from the start, Tyson took action to rearrange the system. Because its failure to operate had important repercussions on production and turnover. The reconstruction works covered various areas of intervention. For example, the complete replacement of roof support beams. And, also, of the hydraulic pipes and pumps of the system. The new structure will also have an additional 15 kilometres of new electrical wiring. The works should be finished within the first week of December. Hence, after the fire, Tyson slaughterhouse plans to return to full productivity at the beginning of January 2020.

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