Australia leads on red meat export, New Zealand ranks best on sheep and goat

Australia is the major exporter of red meat in the world. They outdo India, Brazil, the USA and New Zealand, as their export amounts to 1,8 million tons. Australia is top ranked among sheep and goat meat exporters as well, after New Zealand though: the two of them together make around 70% of global exports. Such figures are provided by Ernst & Young consulting company, which carried out a survey, “State of the Industry 2017”, for MLA (Meat & Livestock Australia). By and large trends for livestock and farming industry worldwide are good. According to the report, between 1995 and 2014 overall cattle units increased by 12,9%, slightly more than sheep and goat (+12,8%). When it comes to red meat export, Australia is by all means a top player because 74% of its manufacturing is headed for foreign destinations, whereas other countries (first and foremost Brazil) allocate most of it in the domestic market.


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