Australia top world exporter of meat in 2019

Nel 2019 è l'Australia il primo esportatore al mondo di carne

In 2019, Australia turned out to be the top world exporter of bovine meat in terms of value. In fact, in the last twelve months the continental country sold abroad 1.24 million tons of meat. In other words, exports of meat increased by 9% compared to the previous year. Thanks to such figures, Australia is currently placing second, in terms of volumes, just behind Brazil, whose sales amounted to 1.57 million tons. Yet, as emphasized by Meat & Livestock Australia’s analysts, who supplied the data above mentioned, an increase in volumes along with a profitable rate of exchange have been mostly driving revenues, which eventually reached 7.5 billion dollars.

Australia is top world exporter of meat

Last October, Aussie experts predicted an increase in the number of slaughtered livestock units. Well, at the end of the year data lined up with such expectations, to some extent. They actually enjoyed a boost, which was lower than expected though. This factor subsequently went hand in hand “with a 69.5 cent average rate of exchange in the United States – pointed out MLA analysts – : that drove remarkably the value of Australian exports of bovine meat, which grew by 17%”. Thanks to such combination, exports of bovine meat successfully reached breaking-record values, therefore outdoing Brazil, whose earnings from exports amounted to 6.5 billion dollars, and the United States. As regards the States, their exports of meat reached slightly less than one million tons; yet, in terms of value, they nearly reached 7 billion dollars. Third best, in terms of exported volumes, is India (they sold about 1.1 million tons of meat). Argentina stands out as their exported volumes, on annual basis, went up considerably: +53%.

The markets

As remarked in the report provided by Meat & Livestock Australia, “China was the main importing market for Australian products: Chinese imports amounted to 1.85 billion dollars, therefore increasing by 883 million dollars compared to 2018. The second best business market for Australia was Japan, whose imports amounted to 1.63 billion dollars (they dropped by 3% compared to 2018)”. The United States proved to be valuable competitors anyway. In fact, they export US meat to over 130 countries: among others, South Korea, for example, which is a fast growing market. “Looking ahead – figure out Aussie analysts – US exports of bovine meat, towards Asia, are going to increase thanks to new commercial agreements with Japan and China, which are bound to open up further business opportunities”.


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