Australia’s leather industry is a little messy: sheep and goat slaughters decrease, warehouses are packed with bovine hides

Tough times for Australia’s sheep and goat leather industry. According to a report, published by MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia), sheep and lamb units, which are going to be slaughtered in 2019, are expected to decrease considerably. Looking at estimates, they are likely to drop by 7%, compared to 2018; as for adult livestock units, their downturn will be remarkably high, as negative peak will reach -16%. In the meantime, ironically enough Australian warehouses are packed with bovine hides. As reported by, owing to the market difficult situation some manufacturers are supposedly planning to cut prices and reduce them even below manufacturing costs, while others might lower quality standards, to subsequently address new markets, “less noble” than the European and American ones, such as the Indian one. According to Aussie tanneries, interviewed by the portal, most problems depend on the growing demand for alternative materials which comes (most of all) from footwear customers: such materials, which are often synthetic, remind of leather as to aesthetic qualities, though their performance (in terms of sustainability as well) is not so good.


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