Lukashenko is furious: Belarusian tanning is under scrutiny

Lukashenko is furious: Belarusian tanning is under scrutiny

Belarusian tanning is under scrutiny. President Aleksandr Lukashenko visited the country’s tanneries in recent days. A tour in the world of leather to learn about its production capacity. But also an opportunity to acknowledge about the sector’s situation . One, in particular, is the situation that the Belarusian president has ordered to resolve: that of the stalemate of the state tannery, Minsk Leather Production Association in Gatovo.

Belarusian tanning

On Tuesday, March 23, Lukashenko visited the Minsk Leather Production Association, namely Gatovo tannery. He wanted to understand the health of the company and its development prospects. In addition to the Minsk Leather Production Association, Belarus has three other tanneries: Bobruisk Tannery, Grodno Leather Production Association and Skintech. In 2020, they produced a total of 3.7 million square meters of leather. One of the main problems of Belarusian supply chain is the poor quality of tanning raw material.

Gatovo’s fate

During the visit to Gatovo tannery, Lukashenko ordered to solve one of its main problems: the stall of a part of the plant. Half of the 27-hectare area that the company occupies has been inactive for some time. Regarding this, the Belarusian president had already given a mandate to the managers to intervene either by strengthening the tannery or by allocating the space to something else. Tuesday came the new diktat. At the same time, however, Lukashenko has ruled out the possibility of privatising all or part of the company. “Any privatisation of this company is out of question – said the president, as reported by -. Leather processing is a strategic branch of national economy”.

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