Brazil: growing meat exports, JBS firefighter in the Amazon

Brazil: growing meat exports, JBS firefighter in the Amazon

As global demand for Brazilian meat grows, JBS is a fireman in the Amazon. On June 13, Brazilia announced export figures for fresh, chilled and frozen beef. In volume, 153.1 thousand tonnes were exported in May alone (+20.84% year-on-year). Meanwhile, JBS launches a new project to protect the environment and defend the Amazon area. The giant has allocated a fund of over USD 5 million to tackle fires in the Brazilian Pantanal.

The world wants Brazilian meat

According to a report by the Secretária de Comércio Exterior, Brazilian meat exports were up 20.84% year-on-year in May. And, as reported by, +2.73% compared to April 2022. The performance is also positive in terms of value. In May, the foreign turnover of Brazilian slaughterhouses was USD 988.5 million.

JBS firefighter in the Amazon

Meanwhile, JBS announced the allocation of about USD 5.3 million to create a task force to fight forest fires in the Pantanal. The initiative will help defend and protect 2.5 million hectares of the biome, an area almost as large as Belgium. The system includes early fire detection, big data analysis and rapid intervention by firefighters. As explains, early detection of fires will be facilitated by the Pantera software. The system seamlessly processes high-resolution images captured by communication tower cameras. Through an artificial intelligence algorithm, it automatically identifies fire outbreaks and alerts the teams. Each camera has the ability to detect fires within seconds and pinpoint their exact location. There is also backup satellite hotspot detection and a fire risk index to protect less penetrated areas. It is planned to triple the scope of the protected area in a second phase.

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