Leather on the podium of the materials’ ranking for summer collections

Leather on the podium of the ranking of materials for summer collections

With a share of 6.9%, leather is in second place in the ranking of the most used materials by brands for spring-summer 2021 collections. This is supported by the analysis conducted by Tagwalk on behalf of the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp. The ranking of leather and other materials is, first of all, deduced from the tags used by the fashion houses during their presentations. Secondly, it is confirmed by the comparison between analysts and spokespersons of the brands themselves. The survey, as explained by Tagwalk, included the analysis of 200 million data, and considered fashion shows of brands such as Fendi, Jacquemus and Dior.

Materials’ ranking

The first in the ranking (knitwear) represents 12.1% of all materials used. Leather, as we said, is second in a stable way with its 6.9%: an excellent result, considering that, traditionally, summer collections are not those where there is a wider use of leather and hide. In short, the same analysis conducted on winter collections could give a more rounded result. In third place, on the other hand, is denim with 5.9%. Off the podium is lace, while in sixth place follows linen which (in a certain sense) commissioned the research. The French edition of Fashion Network explains that that of materials is a ranking where the first 10 classified are masters: those up to the twentieth represent just 1.1% of all the materials on the catwalk. It is worth noting, meanwhile, that suede is in 18th place (0.7%).

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