Brazilian red meat export is booming. Irish farmers rise up, as they urge EU not to open frontiers

In November, Brazilian bovine meat export increased by 47 per cent, on annual basis, thus reaching about 495 million dollars. Quite a performance. As for volumes, export increased by 53,3 per cent, that is, over 116,000 tons in total. Such figures, provided by MDIC, Brazil’s Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade, keep up with October positive trend and line up with 2017, which proved to be good in the end, despite the Carne Fraca scandal, last spring. Jan Roelsgaard, CEO at DAT-Schaub, subsidiary of Danish Crown, which achieved several acquisitions in South America over the last year, properly says that he is by no means concerned about “Brazilian scandals”. Conversely, while talking at GlobalMeatNews, he points out that “Brazil is indeed a great market, thanks to its natural context, and its potential is huge”. In fact, Brazilian livestock and farming industry is doing extremely well, and the Irish meat industry is getting seriously worried about it. IFA, the national association of Irish farmers, is ready to fight with Cecilia Malmstrom, the EU Foreign Trade commissioner, as the European Union is about to sign a deal with Brazilian government. At that point, the EU market would import, at very convenient rates, about 70,000 tons of South American red meat. According to IFA, that would be a serious blow for European workers: in fact, their manufacturing, turnover and employees would remarkably decrease.


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