Brazil’s slaughtering speeds up in 2019, while the USA permit imports again

Brasile, nel 2019 le macellazioni corrono e aprono gli USA

Brazil’s meat is on fire: slaughtering has been speeding up and new business opportunities are about to come up in the United States now. Such news, reported by media in the last few days, made Brazilian operators happy and relieved. To begin with, the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatìstica (the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) made public official data about slaughtering in 2019, which proved to be a very positive and rewarding year, despite a number of problems in the last three months. The second good news comes from the United States. In fact, Trump’s government has recently decided to permit again imports of meat from Brazil: ban had been going on for over two years.

Slaughtering has been speeding up in 2019

According to the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatìstica (the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), in 2019 Brazilian slaughterhouses processed 32.4 million livestock units. We are talking about the highest amount since 2014 to present. Six years ago, Brazil’s meat processing factories had slaughtered 33.9 million livestock units. The governmental agency emphasized such good performance, achieved by slaughterhouses, despite a difficult situation, much more than usual, in the fourth quarter of the year. In fact, from October to December, Brazilian slaughterhouses processed slightly more than 8 million livestock units. In other words, they decreased by 5.4% compared to the previous quarter and dropped by 1.8% compared to 2018 fourth quarter.

The United States are back

Brazil’s slaughterhouses have received another comforting message from North America. In fact, Tereza Cristina, Brazilian Minister of Agriculture, announced that the United States of America have opened again their borders to imports of fresh meat from Brazil. South American operators had been waiting for it for over 2 years. In 2017, the USA stopped imports of fresh meat, made in Brazil, because a few shipments, under investigation, were not compliant with health security standards. More specifically, they were concerned about a possible outbreak of an epizootic disease. As reported by South American media, 21 Brazilian slaughterhouses will be allowed to export their products again. Among others, a few meat manufacturing giants, such as JBS and Marfrig.



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