Amazon wants its Tmall: the luxury portal will be online for June

Amazon vuole il suo Tmall: per giugno online il portale del lusso

Amazon is preparing a platform dedicated to the luxury fashion segment. That is, Jeff Bezos’ portal is preparing to launch its Tmall. The launch should take place within the first half of 2020. The trial in the United States will be followed by an extension on an international scale.

The rumour

The news was launched by WWD and then taken up and deepened by other US newspapers. According to Quartz, around 12 brands are already collaborating with Amazon to test the new platform. The luxury pavilion will be launched first in the United States, and then internationally. The brands participating in the project will be present with a contract similar to the concession model seen in department stores and specialised dealers. Meaning? Brands will rent the space or pay with a percentage of sales. On the new Amazon platform, brands will have complete control over the interface of their online space, the products offered and the discounts applied. But above all, they will have Amazon’s logistics available for deliveries in a very short time.

Its Tmall

WWD reported that Amazon would be building an Arizona warehouse reserved for the new platform. In addition, it is planning a 100 million dollars marketing campaign. According to rumours provided by the magazine itself, Amazon have also presented the new project to some brands in the orbit of LVMH, receiving, however, a dry refusal.

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