Demand grows, as costs drop: Tyson Foods 2017 sales exceed 38 billion dollars

Group’s sales reached 10,1 billion US dollars in the last quarter, as overall revenues amounted to 38,2 billion dollars in the financial year: compared to the previous year, they increased by 3,8%. In 2017, net earnings have gone up considerably, moving from 1,768 up to 1,774 billion dollars, while operating margin is 6,9% and the group’s debt dropped below 600 million dollars. Such is the financial statement of US meat holding Tyson Foods, whose outcomes went beyond expectations mostly thanks to market growing demand and lower costs of animal feed. The cattle segment, in particular, boosted its turnover, from 14,5 billion dollars in 2016 to currently 14,8 billion dollars; likewise operating profits went up, moving from 347 to 877 million dollars.


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