Savar: CETP no longer, tanneries are to “manage on their own”

Savar: CETP no longer, tanneries are to “manage on their own”

Savar: CETP no longer. It was to be a “new” tanning district in Bangladesh, but according to some indiscretions the country’s government has changed the plan and will allow tanneries to built smaller ETPs on their own. In other words: water treatment plants. The decision is the only possibility as the main treatment plant (CETP) has been delayed again and again. This plant was supposed to help Bangladesh’s tanneries get closer to international standards, but after two years it’s still not ready.

CETP no longer

The construction of the CETP should have launched the local tanning segment into the future and allow the old and polluted Hazaribagh’s area to be revised. That’s why most tanneries had already relocated to the Savar district, which should have had an active CETP. But as of now it remains a dream, or better, has become a nightmare. Moreover, the pressure on operators has increased during the last few months to the pandemic. The few orders received were lost due to the lack of compliance with international standards.

 “Do it yourself” plants

The government is allegedly planning on allowing individual tanneries in Savar to build their own ETPs. These plants would treat the waste sent out by tanneries by connecting directly to them, said The Financial Express, according to which though there aren’t any further details on the project.

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