French Sarval-Rhône to expand their raw material business while investing in chilled hides

They are going to invest 800,000 euros on the whole to modernize their machinery and, most of all, to set up three refrigeration product lines so as to widen their manufacturing and extend it to chilled hides as well. French Sarval-Rhône, a tanning raw material picker, headquartered in Reventin-Vaugris (in the region of Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes), have just implemented the investment project. As reported by, the company currently attends to process 25,000 bovine hides a month, taken from a network of around 12 slaughterhouses, to subsequently sell them salted to several tanneries, mostly French and Italian. Thanks to this investment, Sarval-Rhône, who’s been part of Saria group since 2015, aims to expand their turnover: in 2016 it reached 5 million euros, and it’s going to supposedly keep up in 2017.


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