JBS asks Lula a law on livestock traceability

JBS asks Lula a law on livestock traceability

JBS expects a law on livestock traceability to fight deforestation in Brazil. That’s why it demands Lula’s government to make traceability mandatory for any livestock unit in the country. The multinational claims to follow its suppliers via “satellite” and monitor their movements. Starting January 2026, only suppliers registered suppliers via blockchain will be able to do business with JBS.

Livestock traceability

“The only solution to deforestation in Brazil is a mandatory traceability system at national level. We don’t yet have it”, said Gilberto Tomazoni, CEO of JBS, while in a remote meeting with the New York Times for the “Climate Forward” roundtable. He also adds: “We would be able to trace a single unit”, reported Reuters.

How JBS monitors its chain

Brazil is the largest exporter of bovine meat in the world. The local meat industry, meanwhile, blames criminal producers for deforestation in the Amazon forest. JBS’ CEO says it follows local livestock suppliers with “satellite” monitoring. Indirect suppliers are also forced to follow blockchain technology to prevent deforestation. Starting January 2026, on traceable producers part of the blockchain system will be able to continue be JBS’ suppliers.

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