Lineapelle97: the topic on October 2nd will be tanning’s raw material

Traceability will be discussed, with a focus on some case studies from history and certifications to guarantee the origin of the hides. Animal welfare is also under the spotlight: a topic that spaces from discussing current regulations to talking about international standards and different situations in various key countries. There will also be many initiatives of the “land use change” type (aka: deforestation) and others regarding raw hides’ quality improvement. This is the program for the tanning raw material sustainability workshop that will be held at Lineapelle97 on October 2nd, inside the conference room LEM – Ponte dei Mari (near the side of pavilion 22) from 14:30 to 18:30.

The promoters

Sustainability is the password for the tanning segment and green best practices go from sourcing to the sale moment. This event, which presents itself as a time of reflection and learning, is organize by UNIC – Italian Tanners, in collaboration with Cotance and Lineapelle. The list of speakers includes those of the academic world, researchers, representatives of certification entities, segment’s representatives, non-governmental association and businesses of the chain. The workshop is part of the “Social & Environmental Reporting 2020” program, and is also supported by the European Commission (Social Dialogue Program).


The event (in English with live Italian translations) is open to all visitors and exhibitors of Lineapelle. The event is also free, but it is necessary to register by writing to



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