Lineapelle awards prize to Polimoda students for merchandising

Lineapelle premia gli studenti Polimoda per il merchandising

They launched the Lineapelle Merchandising Collection in May 2019. The contest was directed at students attending Fashion Marketing & Communications and Fashion Product Management Polimoda undergraduate courses, in Florence. In addition, they also engaged students attending Leather Technology, Fashion Design Management and Footwear & Accessories Design courses. Such was the aim of the competition: to develop a capsule collection made of seven merchandising products. Each team, composed of four students, was also supposed to present the products’ graphic sketch and mock-up.

The winning project

The winner has been the group composed of Federico Renai, Melissa Patriarchi, Jong Hoon Kim and Beatrice Fantuzzi. The name given to their project was Your Steps To Success, a way to think about useful objects for high performing people. Many of them are part of Lineapelle’s audience, after all. The collection contains a clothes hanger lace that may apply to bags, backpacks and belts; furthermore, a small wrist document holder and a stripe for agendas, holding a pen and business cards. All of the accessories are made of vegetable tanned leather: they have natural colours and precious hand-made seams.

Ludic Leather

Polimoda students have carried out high quality works indeed. That is why Lineapelle decided to reward two more teams, which both shared second place. Ahmad Aline, Sofia Gaudenzi, Lucrezia Del Mecio and Giorgia Villarà have won thanks to their Ludic Leather project. They created some ludic objects by making use of manufacturing scraps. Taking their inspiration from games, they valuably illustrate leather and its processing. Any examples? The Grain’s Cube: the six sides of the cube teach six different leather-processing techniques. Another one is the Re-Memory: each animal’s skin has different features and peculiarities. That is a game to learn how to match leather with products.

Lineapelle Connections

Finally, Filippo Balugani, Sara Baradaran, Alexandra Bucur and Grigorii Liubachev have presented, on Lineapelle Connections, a collection of items made of vegetable-tanned pull-up calf leather, showing grey-black tints and orange seams. They have been awarded a prize for their ability to create traditional objects embellished with a clean and innovative design.

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