More efficiency, more supplier controls, less fuel consumption: JBS balances its sustainability efforts 8% drop in water consumption

An increase in efficiency saved 40,000 hectares of woodland from deforestation and increased 11% of supply chain farmers (10,700 out of 70,000) mapped with satellite tools and data provided by government agencies to verify compliance with the criteria for Work of the group. It is the results that Brazil’s JBS, a multinational meat company, is reported in its Sustainability Report 2016. The Colossus also announces that it has adhered to the farm efficiency program for working farms in the Amazon region, while already collecting the results in its facilities in Mato Grosso. According to JBS, for which leather accounts for 17% of the value of an animal, the 2016 meat industry, between crumbling crude oil and price stability, has been critical. Expectations for 2017 are higher than those on 2016.


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