Sheepmeat in positive until 2025. African countries, Arabia and China are driving the sheep meat chain market

Emerging economies, which grew their demographic and economy driving the consumption of lambs and kids, expected to grow up to 2025 seconds “sheepmeat unique global position” compiled by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) – Market Information. The sheep and goat meat in the next decade will continue to apply the 5% of the global consumption of animal protein. The absolute value of the share will increase symmetrically to the expansion of the meat market. It is expected that annual production will increase from about 300 million tonnes of meat in 2015 to more than 350 of 2025. The positive result is because of emerging markets demand. In African countries, sheepmeat accounts for 19.1% in total consumption of animal protein, in India 15.3% and 5% in China.



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