Top quality, sustainability, everyday life: in Milan two installations to celebrate “the emotion of Italian leather”

A mirror Cube turns internally, on one side, into a beehive whose “cells” are the pattern of a wall covered with a patchwork of hides, from which a top quality selected collection of leather comes out. On the other side, visitors can watch a video, on a screen, showing some young tanners. They are committed to telling the sustainable mission of Italian leather, promoted by UNIC- Concerie Italiane and Lineapelle, as evidence of its paramount importance in the manufacturing and industrial tradition of the sector. That is the Italian Leather Cube, a setup included in the second edition of Milan XL: the event, along with the fashion shows presented during Milan Women’s Fashion (on the agenda from 18 till 24 September), provided the city with “the concept, the picture and the map of Italy’s Fashion System”. The venue is the garden of Villa Reale (nearby Palestro), in Milan, and it is going to be open to visitors until Friday 28 September. Conversely, Leather in Everyday Life is an original exhibition set by UNIC- Concerie Italiane at Spazio Lineapelle, a permanent exhibition hub located at Palazzo Gorani, close to Milan Stock Exchange. It tells about leather as an element of our everyday life, while presenting “some décor items formerly exhibited by UNIC- Concerie Italiane in Paris, during the recent edition of Maison & Object (which took place on 7-11 September): two deck chairs in exotic leather, stools, punching. On display a number of panels suggesting samples and prototypes of materials for winter 2019/2020 (which is the one presented at Lineapelle95)”. On top of that, “a gallery of 365 pictures to tell about the relationship between leather and people who use it, wear it, puts it on, make it, sell it, experience it in its identity: a natural, sustainable, versatile material”, which has been traditionally with us “every moment and every day, in our life”. Leather in Everyday Life is going to be open to visitors till mid-October; during Lineapelle95, it will be open until 8pm.   



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