Tyson Foods to enhance manufacturing plants in China, Thailand and Holland

Tyson Foods to enhance manufacturing plants in China, Thailand and Holland

China, Thailand and Holland. Such are the three countries where Tyson Foods are planning to enhance their playing role. The American meat giant announced they are going to augment their own manufacturing capacity in these three countries: the plan will be part of “the company’s global expansion strategy, whose aim is to become the leader in the protein market by supplying emerging markets as well as strategic clients”.

China, Thailand and Holland

At Springdale headquarters, in Arkansas, they have emphasized that the enhancement of manufacturing plants will drive several job opportunities, both directly and indirectly. In China, they will supposedly hire 700 new employees, while 150 will be taken on in Europe. Finally, as regards the new factory located in Thailand, more than 1,000 workers will be expectedly employed there. Thanks to a few recent acquisitions and joint ventures, Tyson Foods succeeded in expanding their international playing role: throughout 2019 financial year revenues from sales reached 5.4 billion US dollars.

The comment

“We have strongly reinforced our playing role abroad by supporting the food service and, at the same time, we have expanded our business in retail sales by supplying cutting-edge products. Chris Langholz, President of Tyson Foods International, remarked it in a press announcement.

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