From Brazil to Ireland, the commitment of meat against Covid-19

Dal Brasile all'Irlanda, l'impegno della carne contro Covid-19

The global meat supply chain invests in safeguarding its workers and, therefore, in the continuity of processes. From Brazil to Ireland, it is meat’s commitment against Covid-19: when the international market becomes more complicated, due to the stopping of the restaurant industry, farmers want to avoid more serious stops.

The commitment of meat against Covid-19

In Ireland the Irish Farmers Association announced extraordinary measures to protect workers. The sector recognises the importance of moving forward in exceptional circumstances: “The burden of acting responsibly on the price is upon companies”. Global Meat News reviews the initiatives of the main supply chains in the world. From Brazil, it is understood that the BRF group established the Permanent Multidisciplinary Monitoring Committee for Coronavirus, made up of managers, technicians and infectious disease specialists. The group’s structures, logistics and administrative offices operate regularly: there are no cases of Covid-19 among the employees, and the commercial agenda will not be changed.

The worries of US acronyms

A few more concerns are registered by the US supply chain, where export data are already influenced by the emergence of the epidemic. National Cattlemen Beef Association (NCBA) and United States Cattlemen Association (USCA) work with Congress and the Department of Agriculture (USDA) to prevent the Coronavirus emergency from blocking the supply chain. If the general picture is still positive, “among the bottom lines in the industry, there are those who suffer the first consequences: we must strive for the market to return quickly to normal conditions”, they comment from USCA.

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