In China, e-commerce invoices 395 billion euros in 6 months: shoes and accessories among the most popular products

According to the Chinese National Academy of Economic Strategy, in the six months between December 2016 and May 2017, purchases made online by Chinese citizens They hit for the first time the value of 3 trillion yuan (equal to 394.7 billion euros). In May alone, the total amount of what was purchased via the web in China was over 1.4 trillion yuan, more than double that realised in the same month in the US. Among the items that went for the major, there are also shoes, accessories and handbags. The study reveals that, despite most orders being made in larger cities, purchases made in rural areas are rapidly increasing. Meanwhile, Alibaba Jack Ma’s founder, these days at Detroit for the Gateway 2017 conference organised by Alibaba himself, said his group intensifies China-US cooperation by selling more items to China (including shoes) Products in the States. But she trusts that she can create a million new jobs in the US in medium to small businesses within the next five years. According to Alibaba’s boss, over the last 20 years, the globalisation of the economy has helped mostly the major companies. Today and for the next 30 years, globalisation with e-commerce growth will favour smaller companies, including the single Artisan who on the web offers high-quality products very much sought after by the most affluent Chinese.


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