India, Modi’s government face a problem: despite their blasting leather tanneries, Ganges’s conditions do not pick up

Since Modi’s government took office, one of the paramount projects they focused their efforts on has been the “Namami Ganges”, that is, the cleansing of the Indian sacred river. In the name of the Prime Minister, India’s central government (as well as local councils, run and managed by the same majority party) have been consistently blasting the leather tanning industry. Yet, unfortunately, outcomes are still scarcely visible. As reported by India Today, the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganges Rejuvenation has ordered to pick up some samples of water, taken from the river: the analysis results (with regard to bacteria and oxygenation, for example) are negative. Authorities have been admitting that Ganges pollution mostly depends on waste and sewage coming from towns and cities, across which the river flows. Industrial sites would not be that accountable for it then. Meanwhile, “in Kanpur, at least 50% of tanneries (400), which were actively working in the district, closed over the last years”, emphasizes the journalist. Uselessly, actually.


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