Shopping, how much I missed you: London is back in the stores

Shopping, how much I missed you: London is back in the stores

Shopping, how much I missed you! In the United Kingdom, where fashion stores were able to reopen last Monday (March 12, 2021), many citizens took to the streets after a long lockdown. There were queues outside some prestigious shops, including the new Hermès store inside Harrods. Meanwhile, Kurt Geiger and Anya Hindmarch take the opportunity to invest in physical retail.

Shopping, how much I missed you

The latest data from Springboard Retail reveals that, on Monday, the turnout in “retail destinations” in the UK increased by 155.2% compared to the same day the previous week. London was overwhelmed by a wave of shoppers, up 660% over last year. The enthusiasm cools down, however, by observing the comparison (published by Realtimes on Springboard data) between Monday April 12, 2021 and Monday April 15,  2019, before Covid. The figure is down by 26.7% taking all British shopping streets as a reference. A decrease of 16.5% for shopping centres.

In line before dawn

Fashion United writes that last Monday shopkeepers saw outside the store queues similar to those of sales periods. The Evening Standard pointed out that in the West End, consumers lined up before dawn to be the first to enter “non-essential” stores. Among the most popular destinations was Harrods in London, closed before Christmas 2020. A small assault which all the brands benefited from, but particularly Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès.

Retail rebirth?

British revenge spending reassures British retail, to the point that there are those who have begin to invest in it again. For example, Anya Hindmarch who will open a 5-store Village in London as part of the new retail strategy. Each showcase will have its own identity. Kurt Geiger has reopened all 131 UK stores, including 9 new stores.

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