Top record for YSL in China: at Tmall’s Luxury Pavilion, earnings reach 5 million euros on the first day online

Immediately after their first appearance on Tmall, the most popular Chinese e-commerce website that belongs to Alibaba group, Saint Laurent have been booming. Last Friday 20 April, while being online, in the early 14 hours Chinese buyers spent over 30 million yuans (around 4 million euros). At the end of the day, online shopping on YSL’s digital corner, at Tmall, led to 38 million yuans overall, in terms of earnings, that is, slightly less than 5 million euros. Talking about proceeds, such amount is the new top record achieved by any luxury brand, on a web portal, on the maiden day. The previous record performance dates back to last 1 March, as Givenchy cashed in 29 million yuans (about 3,8 million euros) over 24 hours. YSL is one more famous international brand that has recently joined the Tmall’s Luxury Pavilion, namely a website specific section, dedicated to top luxury, which also comprises Burberry, Hugo Boss, La Mer, Maserati, Guerlain, and Zenith.


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