Energy 100% green: a deal is struck between Dani, Dolomiti Energia and Finint

Energy 100% green: a deal is struck between Dani, Dolomiti Energia and Finint

Clean energy only for Dani. The Vicenza-based tanning group underwrote a new type of agreement with Gruppo Dolomiti Energia and Finint Investments to “receive clean and certified energy directly from the supplier”. The deal is the first of its kind in Italy due to the direct link between producer of clean energy and industrial manufacturer. Finint will generate the energy, while Dolomiti Energia will manage the charges as both buyer and retailer.

Clean energy only for Dani

Dani underwrite an innovative PPA contract (Power Purchase Agreement) off-site. Simply put, it’s the first instance in Italy when a direct link between a producer of clean energy (certified green by Sourcing guarantees) and an industrial manufacturer. The contract has a 3-year duration. Finint SGR, welth management branch of Gruppo Banca Finint will produce the energy via photovoltaic production sites that are owned by other funds all over Italy.

Production, consumption, lower emissions

Production will reach 15 GWh per year, which is the necessary amount to satisfy Dani’s needs. The supply will cut emissions of CO2 by18,000 tons during the 3-year period. Gruppo Dolomiti Energia will manage the purchase and retail of the energy by covering part of production with its hydroelectric power plants, when the photovoltaic production is low. Dani will use the clean energy for its manufacturing operations.

The comment

“We have always managed to create connections and move together towards a green and more ecological transition – comments Giancarlo Dani, president of the Vicenza-based group -. Climate change is taking place and its effects are clearer and clearer, thus leading us to not waste any time implementing changes. That’s the reason behind the agreement, and the fact that it’s with other local businesses only increases our satisfaction. This alliance with Veneto-based enterprises for green energy consumption, sustainable and traceable resources really will benefit all”.

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