Leather and ethical claims: Dani obtains the n.1 certification in the world

Leather and ethical claims: Dani obtains the n.1 certification in the world

It’s called ESG, acronym of Environmental, Social and corporate Governance, as we know. It’s the governance of the sustainability, social and organization’s management. This horizon is updating, as of today, to a new standard in the tanning segment. This has to do with the relationship between leather and ethical claims, for which the Veneto-group Dani, first in the world, obtained the certification from ICEC (Institute of Leather Certification).

Leather and ethical claims

“With the international certification based on UNI ISO/TS 17033:2020 standard, which was recently introduced, Dani becomes the first tanning organization to certify its ethical claim of guaranteeing clients the origin of all leather, from bovine livestock farms that only have a “food productionobjective”, reads a note. Livestock farms “that are almost all located in Europe, and are thus subject to strict regulations, with regards to animal welfare”.

The achievement further confirms “the fact that the tannery is a company that is truly a part of the circular economy framework, as it gives value to a byproduct of the meat industry that would otherwise end up in landfills. This award also opens the way to an ethical, transparent and trustworthy communication model”.

A model that includes another certification, the “ICEC TS SC 410 certification”, which also concerns the degree of control that tanneries have on their supplies. Including the knowledge of the origin countries of the raw materials (leathers), the slaughterhouses and the farms where they come from”.

Sustainability is a trip for us

“Sustainability for us is a trip, not an arrival point”, states Giancarlo Dani, president of the Veneto-based group. “I designed our company with this way of thinking since the start. Attention for raw materials, in relation to all phases and suppliers across our chain. Careful with the recovery of all resources, rainwater, trimmings, the selection of materials that pollute less and less.

It’s with pride that I can say I now see many other companies, within our district as well, that are following this path, to develop shared research projects with us to improve the impact of humankind on the environment. A virtuous circle that allows the upkeeping of high-quality standards for products, which creates the excellency that differentiates Italy’s tanning industry across the globe. Beside from the satisfaction that originates from our concrete contribution to make the world better”.

ICEC’s comment

We recover our leather from the food industry: “That’s the ethical claim that – explains Sabrina Frontini, director of ICEC -, can be utilized by tanneries to promote their products”. A necessary claim to “give value to the recovery activity that tanning does for the food industry, making it something that is perfectly aligned with the circular economy and sustainability principles. Such assertion is certified with the UNI ISO/TS 17033:2020 standard.

Tanneries that utilize ICEC’s inspections, allow the organization to accurately verify that the leather originate from livestock farms with the sole purpose of manufacture products for the food industry. In doing so, they strengthen their credibility on the traceability and transparency of the leather sourcing process”.

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