The green trip of Gruppo Mastrotto with Jimmy Choo, Versace and AKU

The green trip of Gruppo Mastrotto with Jimmy Choo, Versace and AKU

Gruppo Mastrotto with Jimmy Choo, Versace and AKU, is focusing its efforts on the ways of sustainability. The Vicenza-based tanning group involved three brands (the first ones owned by Capri Holdings) in a training day. During the event, they presented training material on sustainability within the tanning segment, throughout history and in the future. The initiative is part of the “Sustainability Journey” by Gruppo Mastrotto.

Gruppo Mastrotto with Jimmy Choo, Versace and AKU

Gruppo Mastrotto organized the meeting at its headquarter in Arzignano. The participants’ list included the tannery’s president Chiara Mastrotto (in photo on the right) and sustainability manager Guido Zilli (on the right, in photo). With them, Dax Lovegrove, global director of sustainability at Jimmy Choo & Versace, and Giulio Piccin, product & sustainability manager of AKU Italia (at the center in photo). The event was the chance to compare thoughts on the various internal policies implemented by the various companies in terms of sustainable development. It was also a day for training, as Mastrotto shared with the fashion and footwear players, the courses, opinions, visions and strategies used to achieve sustainability.

Perfect for the long-term

The event is part of the green path that Gruppo Mastrotto has been following for years, which has allowed it to reach Carbon Neutrality for its entire ready-to-sell leather department (of Gruppo Mastrotto Express). But during this sustainability journey – as the company called it -, training had and continues to have a central role. This was also shown via active meetings that took place in the past, such as last March, when Mastrotto met with the future Fashion Sustainability Manager of the ITS Cosmo in Valdagno, or during the lesson for the prestigious IÉSEG School of Management in Paris.

The comments

“We are always very pleased to share, together with our supply chain partners, that Aku is striving to achieve to responsibly manage its activities – commented Piccin -. We have found, in Gruppo Mastrotto, a shared push towards these matters”. “I wish Gruppo Mastrotto the best in continuing on the path to sustainability – echoed Lovegrove –. Now more than ever, it’s important to make leather production sustainable”. “In 2021 we chose to publish our first sustainability report and are already working on a second one – concluded Chiara Mastrotto –. So, with the idea of transparency, openness and proactiveness, we created a networking opportunity with the education world and now our clients”.

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