Corriere, “Gruppo Mastrotto an example of generational change”

Corriere, “Gruppo Mastrotto esempio di ricambio generazionale”

A conference on the current status of the Veneto region’s textile chain. The focus was on the challenges that companies expect to face, such as opening to external capital or generational change. The winning cases of these challenges were also discussed. This monthly special edition of Corriere Imprese, part of Corriere del Veneto (newspaper), coincided with the June 22nd convention held in Padova for the economy of Italy’s North-East. An event where Gruppo Mastrotto also played a role.

An example of generational change

“It is important, in a complex world, to imagine circular entrepreneurial careers, from which one enters or exits, but that always allow to prove oneself without feeling criticized if one sells the company or follows models for growing – said Paolo Gubitta, professor of organization at Università di Padova -. Governance must bring resources to ideas”. There a few possibilities to do so: opening up to external capital or selling the company in full. Work on the generational change and more. Gubitta, says Il Corriere, believes that Gruppo Mastrotto is an exemplary case of a well-done generational change. Now leading the Vicenza-based company is CEO Chiara Mastrotto, who has aimed the company in the direction of sustainability: “It has become a strategic asset, together with the company welfare project – she says -. The company is full of these values, and they have become the ones pulling it”.

Renewed challenges

“The capacity of innovating according to a sustainable economic, environmental and social logic, is a responsibility for us, as entrepreneurs and company – is the message Mastrotto passed on social media –. We do so thanks to sustainable industrial processes, investments and a lot of teamwork. That’s what it means to do business today: not being happy with the results achieved but rather looking forwards to the new objectives”.

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