Medio Chiampo, new plant for a green update

Medio Chiampo, new plant for a green update

Green update for Medio Chiampo. The water management entity for the towns of Montebello Vicentino, Zermeghedo and Gambellara, installed a new system in its plant to reduce the amounts of hydrogen sulphide.
The project consists of two absorption columns that chemically wash the aspirated air, to then re-treat them once more with a biological process, before they are emitted in the atmosphere.

Research and development

The research project that delivered the new system began 3 years ago. It began following the creation of the new section that chemically and physically treats the wastewater from nearby industrial companies, along with two new primary sedimentation compartments.
The air aspired from covered tanks must be sent to a specific system that ensures the hydrogen sulphide levels are compliant with the limits established by the Veneto Region.
Research conducted on this process allowed for the achievement of these results, and has highlighted the need to find a different solution from the one existing on the market.

Green upgrade

The new system includes two absorption columns. Ever since the first trial, the plant demonstrated the capacity to work as expected, thus giving back hydrogen sulphide values that were continuously under the limits. Given the positive outcome of the project, the company has begun the process to trademark the procedure.

This new technology is a know-how that will be replicable in other situations, both for water treatment systems, as well as inside individual companies. Among the many advantages, the air treatment system also gives back a sulfur composite that could be used as raw material, thus furthering the segment’s circular orientation.

The comment

“We are very proud of this achievement. It sets apart our effort towards air quality, as well as toward water – states the president of Medio Chiampo, Giuseppe Castaman -. This is an important investment for us, as it’s 900,000 euro, to which we must add 150,000 euro of management costs. The impact on the work environment and, more generally, on the territory is relevant. We wish to replicate the project, on a different scale, inside the Lungochiampo site as well”.



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