Vegan Hamilton against leather: “I don’t want it on Mercedes”

Hamilton vegano contro la pelle: “Non la voglio sulle Mercedes”

A Formula 1 driver who feels invested with the mission “to save the planet” (in his opinion). And it goes on, because at the end of 2019 we also have to read about a vegan Hamilton against leather. That the six-time World Champion Lewis is a supporter of the animal-free diet is already known. Not only because since he converted, he has made ample publicity on social media and in interviews, but also because he has invested in the cause too: he took part in the expansion of a veggie restaurant chain since last summer. Now, in a typical escalation of those stars voted for a mission, Hamilton raises the bar. And he says he wants Mercedes to change the policies on materials.

The style change

Hamilton’s confessions come from The Hedge Malaysia, a newspaper that met the driver after a presentation from house Mercedes. First and foremost, the 34-year-old British tells his own path from omnivorous to vegan. “Like everyone, I grew up thinking that red meat and dairy products are a good thing. I thought of living healthily – he says, summarising -. Then I met new, vegan friends. I decided to try, to move gradually in that direction, to completely free myself from meat and more. I wanted to try the difference”. The pilot explains that the diet, now based on protein shakes, avocados, legumes and potatoes, does not conflict with his needs as a professional sportsman. Good for him.

Vegan Hamilton against leather

There is a typical escalation, we said, in those devoted for a cause, especially if they are VIPs. Hamilton is not satisfied with having changed his lifestyle: he feels compelled to “be part of the movement that will help cure the planet” (ipse dixit). For this reason, in compliance with the transitive properties of the vegan subculture, the ban on meat is followed by leather. “Mercedes is a great organisation – explains Hamilton -. I had a call with the CEO, we talked about how to do without all the leather used in the cars”. How the call went between a willing Lewis and the number 1 of Mercedes, we don’t know. But that the rumours that see the driver in Ferrari from the next season is a sign of the consideration that the German car manufacturer has of him.

Photos from Lewis Hamilton’s Facebook account

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