The LIFE MAGIS project gets into the thick of things, as portal is online

The LIFE MAGIS project gets into the thick of things, as portal is online


The portal of the LIFE MAGIS project (Made Green in Italy Scheme), financially supported by the European Union LIFE Programme, is now online. UNIC – Italian Tanneries, along with Lineapelle, joined the project as a partner representing the leather tanning industry.

The goals

The LIFE MAGIS project provides the opportunity to test, in several industrial fields, the Made Green in Italy (MGI), a national voluntary scheme, whose aim is to assess and make public product environmental footprint. The goal is twofold actually. The former is to supply buyers with reliable information about the impact of the products they purchase. The latter is to help Italian companies highlighting their own commitment to environment and therefore make them more competitive on the market.

PEF broadcasting

Moreover, the project also aims to foster a widespread broadcasting of PEF methodology, upon which the MGI scheme rests, in Italy and in Europe. Furthermore, LIFE MAGIS also wants to test the most effective methods to communicate product environmental value; in addition, it aims to make known MGI and PEF in a number of additional fields and countries besides the ones tested in the LIFE MAGIS project. They are going to develop and make public a few tools and dataset to work out environmental impact, in order to make access to MGI scheme easier. On top of that, they are planning to arrange several communication events, mostly directed at citizens and final buyers.


Research institutes, universities, industry associations, consortiums and cooperatives have joined the project as participants. Among partners, many of them are working on some projects focusing on the estimate and communication of environmental impact: they closely liaise with a few experimental companies actively engaged in the fields where they are going to test the MGI scheme. Besides leather tanning, among others, there are several representatives of the food farming and doors and windows industries. While carrying out the project, they will therefore set the Product Category Rules (PCR) as much as validation procedures for the whole of the industries involved in the project.

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