From 20 to 22 February, the most important business experience reserved for fashion and luxury supply chain sizes the number of edition number 96. And tesse a thread between fashion, innovation and sustainability in the light of a precise choice: that quality

The innovative plan, February 20-22, at Fieramilano Rho, will be complete. It happens once a year, when, Simac Tanning Tech comes alongside to Lineapelle, in perfect continuity of time and space. The event of reference for technology comes to the appointment in great shape

Even those opposed to the dominance of sneakers, at the end of the day, end up wearing them of put them in their collection. While some start to suspect that their run is about to come to an end, let us try to understand how the sneakers’ incredible success has (structurally) changed the balance of the chain

Ecco Leather, tanning division of the Danish footwear and leather accessories group, gets to the market with DriTan: the solution to save “enormous quantities of water” and “mud” during the production phase, they say by Roberto Procaccini Five years of research went into this project, which was followed by a developmental phase. Personnel, time and […]

2018 was an odd year for international commerce practices. A year, most of all, characterized by the constant back-and-forth between the United States and China, busy with a trade war that wastes no time in scaring the world, and moreover, shaking up the precarious commercial equilibriums currently existing within countries

The shutdown has been deducting us traders an instrument of market analysis, slowing down public procedures. A more reliable climate with china cheers up but with a view to march first uncertainties are still there