50 years of Conceria Italia, thanks to investments in innovation and young people

50 anni di Conceria Italia, investendo su innovazioni e giovani

One phase after the other. From raw hides to finished leather. All done inside the same production site. That’s how Conceria Italia’s leather is created: by a company that celebrated its 50 years’ anniversary on November 29th inside Villa Mattarana in Verona.

The beginning

Everything started in 1969. Antonio Negro decided to abandon the marble business he was working in and get close to the tanning industry, as many at that time were doing in the Chiampo and Arzignano areas. And so, he opened Conceria Italia with his brothers, company of which he is president of, as he is assisted by his nephews Ivan and Mirco.

His friend Lino

One of the most important moments for him, the year 1972. On that year, a friend of Antonio Negro was opening a ‘technical’ clothing company. He asked Mr. Negro to develop the perfect leather for making motorcycling pants. The result of the search provided exactly what was needed, and so Antonio’s friend decided to start a collaboration with Conceria Italia that is still going today. Mr. Negro’s friend was Lino Dainese.

All made “in-house”

Conceria Italia has collected great success by making leather for footwear, technical clothing and water-proof materials. “That’s the reason why we do the entire cycle. In other words, from raw hides to finished leather. And we do it all inside our production sites – explains Ivan Negro -. This gives us the ability to keep more control over quality”.

Best performance

It couldn’t be otherwise, given the high standards demanded by clients and the marketplace in which the tannery operates. “We must produce a performing good while reducing our environmental impact. Our effort goes exactly in that direction – continues Negro -. We have been using a particular type of beamhouse processing that allows us to pollute much less. We are sharing this methodology with other entities in the segment, because the important thing is improving the environment and not keep the secrets that can save it to oneself”.

Investing in young people

Conceria Italia gives jobs to 38 people, the average age of which is 35. “This proves our tendency to invest in young people, and they are responding as well as they can”, states Ivan Negro. “We have undertaken a process to receive new certifications, necessary to communicate to our future clients the level of ethical, environmental and traceability– related efforts that make our products distinguished – concludes the manager -. There are a number of projects being developed that aim at customizing the products as much as possible. We work well with those that share their issues with us. We try to listen and meet their needs as well as possible”.

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