Protectionism is still alive, as Belarus stops (again), for 6 months, export of hides, skins and leather. Wondering which ones…

Belarussian government has banned export of domestic hides and skins. That’s for sure. The news has been reported and made public by the Sauer Report portal, which quoted a decision made by the Belarussian Government during one of their latest sessions. The measure entered into force on Saturday 24 November. This prohibition is not a totally new decree: in fact, for years, they have been applying several licences and minimal fares to raw materials; last June, such partial restrictions turned into a total stop that might have been bypassed if BUCE, the Commodities exchange National Agency, had granted a special authorization. Conversely, the decision made last week is going to confirm and reinforce the export ban, though it is still not clear to what hides those restrictions will apply. “Notably”, as a matter of fact, they generally talk about “export of raw hides, skins and leather”. The ban does not concern exports towards Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Out of these countries, a permit is required. One can apply for it just once though.


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