Acquisitions in Turbigo: Bonaudo takes over Conceria Cafra, specialised in top-end liners

For the Italian tanning industry, 2019 began under the sign of dynamism. The first operation of the year bears the Bonaudo name, a tannery specialised in high quality leather for the top of the market that manages production on 3 sites: the headquarter in Cuggiono, production sites in Montebello e San Giovanni Ilarione. Bonaudo acquired 100% of Conceria Cafra in Turbigo (founded in 1969),  specialized in sheep and goat linings for luxury customers. As explained by Alessandro Iliprandi (in the box), the owner of Bonaudo, the Cafra acquisition is part of a process of “completing the offer and service to our reference customers, including a production of top-end liners, tracked and certified”. The operation involves the passage in Bonaudo of both the current 14 employees of Cafra and, within a year, of the production that will be developed within an ad hoc department.


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