Argentina’s meat exports have been booming (+30.7%) in 2018, unlike raw hides: Macri’s action proves still ineffective

Argentina’s exports of bovine meat have been increasing, yet exports of leather keep running steadily. The national Institute of Statistics (INDEC), headquartered in Buenos Aires, has recently made public a few data about Argentina’s exports: according to such figures, throughout 2018 Argentina’s exports of bovine meat amounted to 3 billion dollars overall (that is, 2.7 billion euros), therefore increasing by 30.7% compared to the previous year. In fact, in 2017 bovine meat sold abroad by the South American country had reached 2.3 billion dollars (2 billion euros). Such relevant difference has not applied to exports of leather though. According to data provided by INDEC, in 2018 Argentina’s exports of rawhides amounted to 742 million dollars, around 661 million euros, pretty much in line with exports carried out the year before (743 million dollars, 662 million euros); they increased, though, compared to 2016, as revenues coming from leather exports had reached 734 million dollars (that is, 654 million euros). Such figures turned out to be extremely important that year: in fact, in 2015 leather exports amounted, in terms of value, to 844 million dollars (752 million euros). Consequently, the importance of exports of leather, in terms of percentages, changed remarkably: in 2015 leather accounted for 44% of exports, the year after it accounted for 37.01%, in 2017 it dropped down to 31.67%. Aiming to complete our analysis over the four-year-period, in 2018 leather exports accounted for 24.1% of global sales abroad. Last year China, the European Union, CEI, Chile and the Middle East were the main markets for bovine meat; as for leather, the most important markets were China, ASEAN, the European Union and NAFTA.


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